Tuesday, December 21, 2010

February Recreational Day Camps at Maskwa

I am so excited to announce the launch of our two-week February recreational day camps during the school break, February 14-18 & February 21-25. The camps are for children in grades two through six and will operate from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday at Maskwa. Hot healthy lunches provided by Sweet and Savory Catering Limited. The ratio is maximum 30 children/per two instructors. To register and secure your spot today click on the registration link on the top of the Maskwa home page (www.maskwa.ca)

We are still working out the daily schedule of events and activities but we will be creating themed days: Pirate day, Spy Day, Geek Science Day, etc. The children will be doing one hour of yoga instruction twice a week, badminton in the dry land area of the gym and we’re going to create a Lego section in Heritage Hall, a reading area and arts and craft area for the children. The children will be going outside twice a day for walks, free play on the basketball court and volleyball courts (weather depending).

We have also booked some great and exciting programs to make the two week break special for the children. In the first week, J the Magician will be showcasing his magical talents on Thursday from 3-4pm and the children will get to take home a magical animal balloon of his creation. The following Wednesday we’ve booked the Reptile Show and they will give an educational talk about their 7 species of reptiles they will be bringing to Maskwa and yes the children will get to touch them. Mad Scientists will be dropping by for our Geek Science Day (date and time to be determined) but it’s a hands-on educational component for the children to learn about the fun of science and they will also get to take something home with them.

It’s sure to be lots of fun so sign up your child today. Any questions please call 443-0178 ext: 221. Have a great holiday everyone!

Renee Field
Club Manager
Maskwa Aquatic Club
91 Saskatoon Drive
(902) 443-0178 ext: 221