Friday, June 8, 2012

23 Days until Maskwa Opens

My daughter woke me up this morning by saying, "Mom  23 days until Maskwa days." Wow! My first thought was at 6am it's way too early to process that and my second was how cute it is she's so excited. I should preference my daughter is seven, turning eight this year, so she'll be a first year Atom paddler. She's very excited about paddling as an Atom as her three brothers all paddled. So, as I'm cooking up an egg bagel for my oldest who insisted he needs protein for his two tests this morning and packing up their lunches for school, my mind was still reeling with the realization that really in three weeks Maskwa opens.

I drove into the sunny parking lot. Briefly chatted with a friend of mine who was getting ready to walk her dog and who this year is joining the club with her youngest starting as an Atom paddler and I thought, one - I'm so lucky to work here and two, my children are so lucky to have this outdoor summer facility.

Summer is short in NS but when you're at Maskwa your children are out all day. When I tell people my children paddle from 9:30am-2:30pm with a 30-minute lunch break I often get asked if that's to much. For my children it's not. I can't seem to get them to leave even around 5:30pm.

Maskwa is our cottage. When not paddling my children are swimming in the private lifeguarded beach area, playing basketball, making sandcastles, or going for hikes with friends. What more could I want for a summer for them? They're active, outdoors and with friends. A perfect summer recipe.

I had to take these pictures of the calm waters this morning. I know in a few short weeks our empty docks won't be empty and I can't wait.

Mark your calendars for a FREE for all Maskwa Day - this is your chance to get your neighbour to come down to see the club and try paddling!

FREE for all - Maskwa Aquatic Club Fun Day, Saturday, June 23 3pm-7pm. No membership required and there’s something for all ages. Try paddling on Kearney Lake in a war canoe, dragon boat, kayak or kiddie kayak for young children (5-7 years). Join us for a swim & FREE BBQ courtesy of M&M Meats.