Friday, August 3, 2012

Gearing up to Celebrate Mark de Jonge's Olympic races

We are gearing up to celebrate next week's races for our Olympic athlete Mark de Jonge and the excitement at the club is amazing! We're celebrating on Friday with a "bring your own early bird breakfast" for 5am to watch Mark's 1st race and his semi-finals are 7am. 
Mark de Jonge posing with future Maskwa olympic hopefuls!

All day on Friday, Aug 10th it's Fun Olympic Day at Maskwa - and lunch is on us. A slice of pizza and a drink. Lot's of paddling, swimming games, tug of war and of course the candy toss!

Then on Saturday, it's going to be the Breakfast of Champions at 5am as we watch Mark go to the finals. Special thanks to McDonald's for providing breakfast for us fans!

There's been a lot happening at the club. A number of Maskwa boats qualified at Nationals so Nationals coming up August 22-25 at Lake Banook is going to be lots of fun.

Today is Friday's BBQ day and that reminds me. One of the things I love about working at Maskwa is the chance to get to know my employees, the children and the parents at the club. I wanted to say a special shout out to our Canteen Supervisor Kailey DeMone, who volunteered her time last week with Sackville's Books for Hoops fundraiser which raises funds for mental health. The BBQ Kailey helped to organize raised over $200 in a few short hours - way to go Kailey!!