Friday, April 15, 2011

Georgeous Day at Maskwa

What a lovely day. I pulled up to Maskwa after a great meeting with John Moore and Brian Toole this morning - two guys who can work their magic at getting much needed funds for the Club - and was swarmed with loving adorable dogs! Yes, the crew of ladies from my children's elementary school, Ecole Rockingham Elementary School, were all finishing up their morning walk. It had me wishing I could join them. I tried to entice them to pop into the club for coffee but with wet dogs waiting I got the picture that wasn't going to work.

Then I got into the office to a (let's just say a lot of phone messages and emails) regarding registration. I would ask for patience here. This is a new on-line system and we're still working out the glitches, so that being said, we took it down until we get them straightened out. Hopefully it will be up by next week.

I want to apologize to Janice MacKinnon, because I mentioned in the last blog that Wendy Haley was my garden lady - wrong. It's Janice. So sorry Janice, let's just say life has been busy for me lately. Without Janice we wouldn't have any flower beds and I can't wait to see more green spread across them.

I've attached a recent photo of Natalie and Ian Miller on Kearney Lake and according to John Moore the Masters were already on the water. I think they are crazy!