Friday, June 17, 2011

Update and CrossFit at Maskwa

Hi everyone:
Talk about a beautiful day. Enjoy the sun while you can. I wanted to give everyone an update. Membership cards are ready for most. The people who registered this week will get cards by end of next week. I have packages in my office with your tax receipts and Maskwa information. Please drop in - I will be in most days from 9am-2pm but please call ahead to make sure I'm in and not running errands. My number is 443-0178 ext: 221.

I think this is the year our Dragon Boat program will take off. I had lots of calls from people who tried it out on Wednesday night, and they liked it so much they are planning to join the club - that's great. Thanks so much to Chris Haley for organizing this program.

Many of you might be wondering who those people are running through the trails and doing weights in our gym. I'm thrilled to announce that we have Tannaya Hantelman running her CrossFit program out of Maskwa. Tannaya will be offering a 20% discount to Maskwa members interested in her programming at Maskwa. She's also kindly offered to take on 45-min course for my day campers this year, which will be optional for parents as it's an additional cost of $10/per class, but the goal is to get kids interested in workouts. Below is more information on her programs.

Ladies and Gentleman and Kids!

Are you looking for some fun this summer that will take you to the next level of performance? Do you want to stand out on the field, court, or in the gym and your everyday life or simply look and feel better? If you answered yes to either one, then CrossFit is the answer. You may think that you are in great shape and that you should just continue playing Wii fit, jogging, and doing countless reps of bicep curls, leg presses, and bench presses. Simply take one CrossFit class and you will see the difference. CrossFit is the “Sport of Fitness” and as such you will be required to focus on the dynamic elements of athleticism, including balance, coordination, speed, power, endurance, and accuracy. This is the strength and conditioning program of choice for Mixed Martial Arts, S.W.A.T., Navy Seals, Police and Fire units, and elite sports worldwide. You will push and pull heavy weights, learn Olympic lifts, run, row , climb and jump in a fun environment with me constantly by your side.

The beauty of CrossFit is that every exercise is scalable to your fitness level. You will NEVER be asked to do something that will jeopardize your safety. You will, however, be asked to use every muscle in your body to perfect your form, ultimately leading to a rewarding workout. You will love it because this program works for the ordinary person delivering quick results. I encourage you to email me with any questions that you may have. I, or any of the clients from the gym, would be happy to talk to you and make you feel welcome. It will be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

Tannaya can be reached at