Monday, January 31, 2011

Four Things to Highlight on Monday: Coyote spotted/Maskwa Auction/Donation/Track Suits

Hi everyone:
There are four things I would like to highlight on this sunny Monday morning - this is the calm before the big snow storm which my kids are already cheering on. I am not!

Coyote Spotted near Maskwa:
I wanted to let everyone know that on Sunday morning around 5:10am a coyote was spotted in a neighbours driveway on Saskatoon Drive. This is very close to Maskwa so please use caution. I know a number of people in the area like to walk their dogs off-leash on the Maskwa trails but I would ask you to please be aware that the Department of Natural Resources is in the process of setting traps to capture these coyotes. Coyote trap for those that don't know can capture loose dogs. The coyotes in the area (including one spotted in the vicinity around Hemlock Ravine by Grosvenor Elementary School) are coming out of the woods for quick food (think your household pet here and not kidding) and they are not afraid of humans. The coyotes moving into the urban area are not like the coyotes a couple decades ago - small and kind of cute looking. These new coyotes have mixed with wolves and they are big - in many cases bigger than a German Shepard - and they are not afraid of your dog or you. I will post a sign up by the trail area this morning to let walkers know of the coyote spotting but please spread the word.

Check here for more information on coyotes:

Wonderful Donation to the Club:
Also I would like to clarify a wonderful donation that Maskwa Aquatic Club received. Thanks to Cathy and Derek Day, owners of Silhouette Fitness on Parkland Drive, the club received over $30,000 worth of hydraulic weight equipment. This donation is very much appreciated by the athletes. This donation came about because one of our Maskwa members, Judi Wensel mentioned the need for weight equipment to Cathy Day and she was more than willing to donate the hydraulic weights to our club. I can't say enough how much the paddling athletes and the young hockey group who utilize our club on Sunday morning enjoy having the opportunity to use the equipment.

Cathy and Derek unfortunately are moving from Nova Scotia but I wanted to let people know that they are selling their beautiful house at 5 Lanshaw Close (it's a 4-Bdrm/4-Bath, over 4,000 sq.foot, custom-built house, R2000, has a beautiful manicured lawn, attached garage and potential for in-law suite). For more information on the house please feel free to email Cathy at

Again a huge thanks to the Day's for the wonderful donation to the club.

Maskwa Annual Auction a huge hit:
I love the Maskwa auction and have to say a huge thanks to all the parents who really put this all together. Trust me I know this is no small feat. It went very smoothly and there were a ton of silent auction items donated along with wonderful live auction items we could bid on. I walked away spending more than my budget (hubby please do not read this, but the hotel room will be worth it - think no kids for a couple of nights -lol). I wanted to say a special thanks to Jim Bardos, owner of Kokomo's in Bayers Lake, for providing the great location, wonderful food and service. According to the tally made last night the athletes raised about $4,500 from the auction to help fund their upcoming Florida training trip where many go from 3-6 weeks for intensive training. A special thanks also to the local councillors like Debbie Hum, Mary Wile,and Peter Lund who came out to support the auction and to present Maskwa with a $13,000 cheque for our new War Canoe. Thanks so much.

Maskwa Athletic Track Suits:

I have been working with MICCO promotions to secure our new Maskwa track suits and thanks to Paul Bertrand's hard work we were able to showcase the new track suits at the auction. Paul is popping by the club this morning so we will have a variety of sizes for athletes to try on, including some youth sizes. The price for a full track suits (includes pants and your name on the Maskwa jacket) is $95 tax included. Maskwa caps are also available for $13.75 (including tax). Attached is a pdf of the track suits and very soon the information will be posted to our main Maskwa webpage. If you are unsure of what size you would like to order please email me at to arrange at time to come into the club for to try on the suits. I'm usually here Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday's from 9-12pm but always call ahead to make sure at 443-0178 ext: 221.