Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week Two a Hit and Week Three Lots of Activities - Spa Day/Yoga etc

We are rolling along and the list of things taking place at Maskwa continues to grow. I am truly impressed with the amount of people willing to help out/volunteer their time during the summer to make Maskwa a better place for all.

First off special thanks to Kathy Arab for hosting Maskwa's first Yoga class on Wednesday. We had five people join us for our first class and it went great. Please come out and join us again this Friday, July 16 from 10am-11am - it's $10/per hour and all the monies raised are being placed in our Playground Fund to help us offset the costs of our new $800 playground. So on Wed we raised $50 because Kathy is donating her time for us. It would be great to have this a regular weekly event at Maskwa so please join us in the gym tomorrow - bring a mat if you have one, and if not, there are a few in the gym we can use.

Our 2nd Parent Afternoon Tea was a huge hit and I must say the sweets were greatly appreciated. Mark every Monday from 2pm-3:30pm as your tea time and come join us. It's honestly a great way to meet other parents and yes this is open to Dads! My hubby snuck up for tea and I realized maybe the men on the beach don't realize it's for them also - maybe the sweets will bring them along.

This coming Thursday is our first Spa Day at Maskwa, starting at 2pm in Heritage Hall. A huge thanks to Mary Negulic for helping to organize this. We do need people skilled with nail polish (that is not me) to apply the product. Mary also did up a list of things we need. Any donations would be greatly appreciated for this event. Again we're charging $10/per person and it's a fundraiser toward our playground. Feel free to email me at if you want to donate your services, or have any items we could use for this event.

Tubs for soaking feet – probably from the $ store – 3 maybe

Towels for drying feet

Moisterizer for feet

Nail polish remover

Cotton balls

Toe separators

-Can you tell we are serious about this.

A reminder that on Wednesdays and Fridays our Dragon Boat goes out from 7pm-8pm - 1hr for $5 and it's a great way to have fun, socialize and see the lake (not in the lake). Come and join us. Waiver forms are available from my office.

The gym is open to adults 18+ and waiver forms are also available from my office. The gym hours are 9am-5:30pm at the moment. You only have to sign the waiver form once for all summer.

A reminder to get your pre-order forms in to me by Friday at 3pm for Booster Juice, Little Caesar's Pizza and Subway. You can order weekly or for the entire summer. Order forms are available from my office or in the canteen.

I wanted to say a thank you to Ann MacLean-Young's family for the generous donation of a TV and VCR and some children movies - this will be great for those rainy days, especially for the young ones.

We did survive our first major downpour. My custodian, Frances, spent most of her time wiping up the very wet floor but all in all things worked out and it's nice to have a place to come in when it's pouring. I have to say as a mom I was totally touched to see the teens like Sam Nielson and her crew take the younger children into the gym to play games with - very nice and greatly appreciated by the parents.

This weekend is our Bantam Regatta - please donate items such as pop/water/juice/ candies/chips etc and drop them off to my office. We are in need of volunteers for that Sat morning for traffic and the BBQ - please help out.

That's it for now folks! See you on the beach.