Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pancake Day a huge success

Hi everyone:
A quick update to let you know that the we feed close to 120 people this morning for Maskwa's First Pancake Day and it was a huge success. We raised close to $230 from this mornings event so we're going to do it again. Special thanks to Kate Giles, Michelle Pugh-Toole, Penny Murdock, Cathy Conrad, Kathy MacDonald, and Anne Young for all their help in the kitchen with set up, cooking and much more. It went smoothly and they are eager to host it again, which is amazing. We haven't nailed down an official date but we're looking at repeating this event soon. The moms are also keen to do a spaghetti lunch and while we're working out a date for that but we're aiming for the 2nd week of August.

The monies raised in total toward our playground fund with the combined Spa Day (which was great and will be repeated and raised $60 - thanks so much to Mary Negulic for volunteering her time and supplies) and our weekly Yoga classes with Kathryn Arab, has raised $420 and it was done very quickly and with lots of fun.

We are going to host our first Cake Walk on Monday, August 9th - this means we need people to either volunteer to bake a cake or bring in a cake for this event and to be successful we'll need at least 15 cakes. It's going to be a $1 (loonie) for one cake walk - and of course there will be music. This event will take place around the same time as our Parent Afternoon Tea but start at 3pm-4pm, so once you win your cake you can take it home with you at the end of the day. I will be of course walking around the area to recruit volunteers to help with this event so please stop running when you see me - lol!

This Friday, July 30 we're hoping to organize a work crew party to help put together our new playground. Please join us from 6pm-8pm with your tools, muscles etc and help us put it together.

This Friday night, July 30 - join us for "Fright Movie Night" 13 years of age and older from 8:30pm-11pm. Tickets are $7/ for your movie ticket/popcorn/pop or $5 for your movie and you can buy popcorn/pop/water/bags of candy/freezies from the canteen. The movie is "The Crazies".

We won't be having a Friday BBQ on August 6th - so please bring your lunch.

That's it for now folks!