Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maskwa Recreational Day Camp Update

Okay wow. I'm amazed at the number of people registered and thrilled. I wanted to remind people to please read the instructions carefully and then fill out the on-line form.

Here is this weeks update:
My Adventure Recreational Day Camps are filling up quickly. Again a reminder only once I receive payment is your child guaranteed a spot.

For week 1: July 4-8 - I have 13 confirmed spots so there are 17 spots still open.

For week 2: July 11-15 - I have one spot left. 29 spots have been paid for. If you are hoping to get your child into this week I would suggest you drop a cheque down today or tomorrow to ensure they can get into this week.

Week 3 - July 18-22 - I have 19 confirmed spots so there are 11 spots left.

Week 4: July 25-29 - There are 15 confirmed spots taken so 15 more available.

Most of August has about 9 spots confirmed per week so there are currently more spaces in those camps.

Also I know lots of you have questions and emails you keep sending me so please don't worry about it. I'd rather answer all your questions to ensure you are putting in the correct information.

Feel free to pop down this Saturday for our Maskwa Open House from 9am-2pm. We can process your registration at that time as we will have a number of computer stations set up. To ensure a fast delivery I highly recommend you input your information by registering on-line first. Once your information is in the system we can look up your application, please write this number down as it is needed.

A reminder we can only take cash or cheque.

I will be sending out Maskwa information to all regular maskwa members by the end of May for those that have paid. At that time you will receive your guest passes (which are only given out for Family Memberships/Maskwa ID, tax receipts).

Thanks again.