Monday, May 9, 2011

Paddling Schedule and Age Group

Okay folks lots of paddling scheduling questions have come up with registration so I'm going to post the 2011 Paddling Schedule and post the age group your child will be once you register. I do not have the swimming schedule and probably won't have that until closer to when we open for the season.

Also this is a reminder for those registering in our Adventure Recreational Day Camp program do not get worry about the number of people registered you might see listed on the registration page. This is not the actual number. Only once I receive payment is a person in the program and this is based on a first come first serve basis. There are lots of spots currently open. Thanks again.

Born in: Paddle as: CKC Fees:

2002 Atom (9 years) $28
2000-2001 Peewee (10-11 years) $38
1998-1999 Bantam (12 – 13 years) $45
1996-1997 Midget (14 – 15 years) $60
1994-1996 Juvenile (16-17 years) $60
1993 - 1987 Junior (18 – 24 years)
1986 or older Masters (25 + years)

Time Group
8-9:30 A Group
B Group

9:30- 11 C Group
Atom boys SB
Atom Girls WC
Bantam Girls SB
Bantam Boys WC
Peewee Canoe group

11-12:30 Pewee Girls WC
Bantam Canoe group
Peewee Boys SB
Atom Boys WC
Atom Girls SB

12-1:00 Kiddie Kayak

1- 2:30 Pewee Boys WC
Pewee Girls SB
Bantam Girls WC
Midget Mixed SB
Atom canoe group

2:30-4 Midget Boys WC
Midget Girls WC
Bantam Boys SB

4- 5:30 A Group
B Group
C Group